Hello! I am very excited that you have chosen to visit my newest adventure!

A little bit about me:

I am the Mother of a 5 year old boy whom I usually refer to as "My Sunshine" or "My Little Man." My heart belongs to him. He is a true blessing from God and my MOST Precious Possession. He is my reason for waking up every morning.

I work full time and am a single mother. Even though my days are long and raising a little man by myself consumes most of my time, as soon as his little head hits his pillow and he drifts off into sleep, I am crafting and creating.

I do enjoy being crafty, but sometimes it is also nice just to dive into one of my current bible studies and leave crafting to another night.

The reason for the birth of my newest adventure:

My son started school again at San Angelo Christian Academy. That means that it is time for me to start making jewelry and other crafts to sell to help pay for his schooling. Feel free to look at the links Below (or to the Right) and if you see one you like, let me know.

(Please note that you may click on any of the pictures on my web pages and view them as full screen pictures.)

You can also e-mail me at heatherscrafts@aol.com for Questions or Orders (or just click the e-mail link to the right).

Thanks for looking and may God Bless You!